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Additional Coverage's
For More Information on the the following additional coverage's, please see the Coverage's section of this site.
Major Medical/Surgical
Surgical Only

You cannot choose both Major Medical Surgical and Surgical Only coverage. Please check only one of these Coverage's.

Stallion Infertility AS&D

Full Loss of Use, Illness & Injury
 (Completion of the Loss of Use Vet Certificate which includes X-ray evaluation within 30 days.)

External Injury Only Loss of Use

Personal Horseowner’s Liability
If your horse has any preexisting health conditions (including but not limited to EPM, lameness, recent colic episode, laminitis, etc.) please give details here.
Any losses with in the last five years,     Yes
if yes please provide explanation below.
Liability Coverages
If you are interested in a quote for commercial liability for your equestrian business, event, club or association, please call for an application and quote.
Any quote provided is not a guarantee of coverage. All risks must meet with underwriting approval based upon completion of the required application.
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write them here.
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